Sunday, 7 June 2009

Thanks Maggi

I have just received the sweetest email from Maggi, my partner in the Spring Blooms mini swap. She wrote to me immediately the little "Sweet Pea" quilt arrived at her home in Derbyshire UK.
I'm so glad she likes the quilt and is happy to display it. As shown in my earlier musings I was getting worried about it.
Maggi has also made a comment in this blog, just in case I was still feeling needy.
Now I am waiting impatiently for a little quilt for me to arrive in my post box. I hope it's soon.


maggi said...

Just to let you know that your lovely quilt is now on my blog. Thank you, I feel very privileged to own such a lovely piece.

Micki said...

It looks like you had a very nice swap. I am looking at your pic of you and Joe, and you two remind me so much of me and my Joe.

stitchinglegacy said...

I couldn't get blogger to let me leave a comment on the post with my name in it. Since you have just started, you can delete the other blog and it won't affect this one. But let me check on how to do that and I'll get back to you. :-)