Friday, 31 July 2009

Happy birthday Tiff

This very morning 39 years ago I was very tired but so excited to meet this new little person. I'd spent the night giving birth and now had in my arms a precious baby girl.

We named her Tiffany Joanna.

I still feel the same as I did back then, only a bit creakier of course.
Only seventeen with my 21 year old Joe about to be shipped off to National Service. I didn't even have the sense to be worried.

Life has dished up so many interesting, exciting and joyous experiences since then. There's been a few sad and worrying ones too and we have struggled along like so many young couples.

Oh, but the fun we've had with our daughter. She's a horse lover so we have spent cold nights sleeping in horse trailers at pony club camps, shows and gymkhanas. Saturday afternoons at netball, proud moments at school plays and debates.
There was just a little of the angst that goes with teenagers and plenty of happy times watching her grow up, graduate, establish a career, buy her own home, marry Nathan and produce the "Set of Three" ...Milly, Lachie and Angus for us to spoil.
We are BFF my girl and I.
Happy Birthday Tiff


Lizzie said...

Hi Sue, saw your link on my followers, thank you for dropping in. We (husband & I) were in Dongara last year, love it. My hubby spent time there in his long lost youth on the cray boats. As we have a daughter in W.A. we made the trip up North too, my SIL was a lay teacher at the old convent, so it was a trip of nostalgia.
Happy birthday to your girl, life just happens so quickly,
have a great weekend,

Micki said...

Happy birthday to Tiff and what lovely memories you have!

Eileen said...

Happy Birthday Tiff! What would we do without our daughters~