Monday, 24 August 2009

Is it going to rain?

We have a flash new weather station all due to the fact that Joe the hub, has an internet shopping addiction. Don't laugh, I get enough of that from the folk at the post office everytime I collect the mail and there is yet another large box of strange goodies.

This alien looking device will tell us if it is raining or fine, windy or still, hot or cold, just by looking at a screen fixed to the wall in the kitchen. That's great but we already had windows which do the same thing. Well maybe not the temperature but the length of the sleeping cat usually tells us that.

Not too far from home is an area well known for its winds and this tree growing sideways shows just how windy it is. These misty photos are more of the ones I took on the way to the quilting retreat a few few weeks ago.

I love old cemetaries & graves, especially those of early pioneers in the country. We have visited many in small towns & villages across the world. Those in England and Ireland were disappointing because the very oldest graves are so worn they are illegible. I love the way they tell a story, sad though they often are.

This photo is of a canola (rapeseed) crop just starting to flower. In the bright daylight the flowers are a brilliant yellow but when the sun was setting and the light much softer, my heart was still. Such a peaceful scene.


Rebecca said...

The photos are amzing, I love the wind sweep tree I have days were I know how it feels. I use to love driving past the canola in Tassy.
Big Hugs

Lizzie said...

I have those very same photo's, but then of course so does anyone who's been to your wonderful part of our diverse country. We spent a good hour in the cemetery, just wandering through, amazing place! They must have been so tough our pioneers.

Teresa aka MarieSews said...

At first glance, I thought the tree had fallen over. Beautiful photos!

JuliaB said...

Wow! that windswept tree is amazing!!! x