Saturday, 22 August 2009

My beautiful bag & birthday girl

After nearly two weeks of being without my internet connection I was feeling very alone. Finally all is how it should be and I can blog, facebook and email to my heart's content. Luckily it has been very quiet at work and I managed to get a peep at a few things over the past week but now I'm ready to catch up. Here is the promised picture of my bag. I still love it so much.

Last week we celebrated Kasey's first birthday. Mich spent weeks teaching Kasey to blow out candles but of course when it was time to perform she was too mesmerised by it all and Hayley had to help. Tricky with so many missing teeth.

Meanwhile, Toby thought his baby needed to meet a snake. I was horrified. How would she know which snake is harmless like this little python. The baby brown gwarda snakes our cat sometimes hunts could kill with a bite.. A little fear can be a good thing sometimes.


Lizzie said...

I agree Sue, especially where snakes are concerned. Nice to see you back.

Rebecca said...

Pleased that your back did miss ya. I'm with you on the snake although you are brave to hang around to take the photo, I would be miles away by now. I hate snakes. Your bag is lovely what great colours.
Big Hugs

maria said...

You will be pleased to be able to play with your computer again Sue!!!

Micki said...

Welcome back! So nice to see a post from you and what a lovely birthday!