Saturday, 29 August 2009

Mary's blog part 2

Well there is a tiny post now for people to leave comments on at Mary's blog. Thank you to all you kind people who are offering her support. I'm sure she would welcome any words of encouragement as she gets started.
I'm writing this between peeks into my oven. It's a Patch Day Out today and the club has been invited to spend the day at a lovely farm garden not far from town. I'm baking my old standbys Blue Cheese & Dried Fig Tartlets and Dutch Ginger Cake, both are great picnic food, travel well and taste yummo. Would you believe I sent Joe to the supermarket this morning at 7am to buy stem ginger and then I forgot to put it into the mix. Luckily I remembered after 2 minutes and spent the next little while pushing lumps of ginger into the mix while it was in the pan. It's a good thing its one of those "pat down with your hands" type of cakes.


Lizzie said...

Yummo, sounds delicious, wish I was closer!
So now I will go visit Mary, lol.

Anonymous said...

hi all