Sunday, 13 September 2009

Summer time in Portugal

My Summertime Mini Quilt has been received in Lisbon at Ana Maria's. I had lots of fun making this little quilt and the photos will always remind of the fun at the retreat where I made it.
Now I'm working on two swap projects. Firstly Quilting Gallery's "Inchie Ornaments" (on my sidebar). I'm finding this very difficult. It requires 6 little one inch squares and mine all seem to be different from each other...very tricky trying to join them back to back in pairs.
The second swap is an Advent Swap and my partner is Christine in France. We are allowed to know about our partner in this swap as we are to swap directly with each other. The idea is that we communicate along the way. I must gather 25 gifts, one for every day of Advent, with the best one, hand made and  to be opened on Christmas day. I'd like to try to make as many of the other 24 as I can as well. This will keep me busy sewing, painting, drawing and stamping. I'm using Google to translate Christine's schoolgirl French is long gone....


Maria said...

Sue you sure are going to be keep busy with all your swaps. Good luck with the "Inchie"

Anonymous said...

Hi, I like the idea of the inchies, but they are far too small for me to do. hugs xxx

Rebecca said...

I am pleased it arrived safely and I am waiting for mine (realy hard). Maybe this weel.
Big Hugs