Friday, 11 September 2009

Yay it's Friday and my chores are done

Our NDNs (next-door-neighbours) have gone away for the weekend and I'm on animal duty. First I fed the cats, that wasn't difficult, then I fed the ponies. Apple the Dapple is a sweet little thing and she posed prettily for her picture to be taken. George, you can see is not one of those undernourished rescue horses often shown on the ads for the RSPCA. He is all of 9 hands high and just about as round. He, of course, couldn't get his head out of the feed bin long enough to be photographed.
This little Wallaby is one of three rescued and kept under permit. He (or she)  posed very nicely for me.
The Guinea Fowl is a sole survivor.
This is the Guinea Story:
A couple of years ago the NDN and I bought 10 little Guinea Keets between us. I raised 5 and she raised 5. All went well at first. I was handling mine and teaching them to be friendly and tame.  NDN with two small boys to look after put hers in the chook yard and left them to their own devices. After 3 months I carefully let mine out of their safe and familiar enclosure to test their wings. Whoosh, in a huge flurry they all flew straight over the fence to NDNs and stayed there with the others. Guineas are very flighty and hard to catch. They roost high in trees at night and they make a loud racket at dawn and dusk, not the prettiest birds you'll  see but they do sport the most beautiful polka dot feathers and we loved them. They all roamed the surrounding neighbourhood, eating bugs and keeping away snakes. Until one day we had a visit from a "further away neighbour" who complained about his flower beds being scratched up. It was decided that for the sake of peace and harmony the Guineas would be caught and removed to NDN's farm about 35 kms from town. This involved lots of swearing and leaping about, lunges and stealth, copious clouds of spotty feathers and one or two polocross rackets (convenient nets on  long poles). Eventually all but one were caught and shipped out to the farm where, over a matter of weeks, the huge Wedge Tailed Eagles picked them off. The sad and lonely last one lives with the chooks now but at least he lives.
It's Spring and the Golden Wattle is bursting into blossom.
I wanted to take a pic of NDNs beautilful house but that would not be the correct thing to do without permission so I took one of our house from their side of the fence. Can't see much can you?


Maria said...

My you are being kept busy Susie. Great pix.

Hugs Maria

Micki said...

I really enjoyed the story and the pics. I love animals!

webbsway said...

Thank you for taking the time to do the pictures! I love the animals ! I was surprised about the neighbor complaining about flower beds being scratched up because over here guineas have the reputation of being the perfect animal to have in our garden because they do NOT scratch!???

I also have ONE because raccoons nabbed my babies! GRRRR!