Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I have just been in a helicopter for the very first time. Joe's cuz from the city was here for the day flying a helicopter for work and he called to offer us a joy flight.
WOW WOW WOW!!! I loved it and the time went so fast as we skimmed over our house, waved to our work mates down below, saw my sis Jill on the golf course, flew low over the sparkling blue marina, a real birds eye view of the whole town.
I wish I'd remembered my camera....I'll never forget the pics in my head though.
As I write this I can still hear Tony in the chopper overhead going about his work.
You gotta love those rellies when they are as great as this one. Thanks mate!


Rebecca said...

Wow what fun I have to say I never been up in one maybe one day. Although in saying that DH went in one a few years back and looked very green after. You are made of stronger stuff. Hugs Bec

Ps can you email me with how and where you got the stuff for your inchies please

clare's craftroom said...

What a great friend Sue , lucky you !

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Sue it's just great up in the helicoper.I have been lucky enough to fly several times over some Aussie icons and the view is speci!! Maria

Micki said...

What a fun time that must have been. I went up in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, and it was extroardinary.