Friday, 2 October 2009

Passionfruit Icecream

Just look at these beautiful big passionfruit....perfect for making icecream.

These were growing on Tiff's vine, the one that almost covers her chook yard.
There is so much fruit on that vine that no one was even bothering to collect it.
No one that is except me!
I made a batch for the family while we were there and brought these home to make some for us.
It's so easy.
Here's how-  600 ml cream and  1 cup sugar whipped 'til thick and the sugar has dissolved.
                     Beat in 2 cups milk, the zest and juice of a lemon and  1/2 cup Passionfruit pulp (or a can)
                     Freeze then eat. Yum!

You can also use 2 lemons and leave out the passionfruit for a lovely tangy adult icecream.

What a shame I had to eat the bowl I'd served out to photograph....Poor me!


Lizzie said...

Not into passionfruit (I know-unAustralian) but the lemon sounds delish, will have to try that out, just to please you of course ;o)

Marls said...

Boy that looks good. I love passionfruit and have tried to grow them but the possums just eat them. I will just drool over yours!

Rebecca said...

Will have to keep this recipe until my vine gets fruit. It is only a baby at the moment but it wont take long. Hugs Bec

Michelle said...

I have never seen a passionfruit growing in nature! How wonderful! Oh, that icecream sounds divine!

Maria said...

The ice cream was divine.No wonder it was so yummy when I see the ingredents.

ANAMAR said...

Passionfruit! I love it as it is and transformed in a drink, Ice Cream or Pudding. It grows here also. Soon I´ll blog about, I promise