Saturday, 24 October 2009

Before and After

I've been tidying up my sewing space in an effort to find a missing BoM. It's my natural instinct to be messy and untidy. I get no joy from neat shelves, orderly piles and organisation but it is time to draw the line.
I'm making "Love, Hope & Faith" a gorgeous set of 9 blocks by McKenna Ryan and #2 is missing. I know it arrived in the post because I've found the receipt and invoice that was in the envelope....that's a reminder of just how expensive this BoM is and I'd hate to have to buy a replacement.

It's been quite a few weeks since I've managed to get on with much sewing and I think it is because I was in such a muddle.
Now I have UFOs in labled boxes and accessories sorted into containers. Small scraps are squished into zippy bags...colour sorted no less.

Still there is no sign of the missing pattern pack. My next task is to see if it's been added to my scrapbooking shelves by mistake. That'll be another day of sorting through stuff.
There is a very slight chance it's been scooped into one of a dozen large crates of fabric. Which one?  I would have no idea and they are stacked into piles taller than me!
I'm going to ask my angels to help me find it...wish them luck please.


Micki said...

Boy, you did a great job tidying up. I don't have a sewing room, but it's great that you are doing that.

webbsway said...

LOL - Sue -I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago . After hunting everywhere I finally said: this sewing room is ONLY so big! I thought I had turned over every pin and needle -but I KNEW it had to be in there -so I went back and did it again and again -until I finally
found it and by then my brain knew where SEVERAL other things were at too! :)

Good luck , my friend! I hate misplacing things! :)