Wednesday, 21 October 2009

More hooting with the Barnowls

Here's some more glimpses of our weekend at York.
Nicky was busy the whole time, either sewing or starting her blog.

Fi  managed to dress one day but it was certainly a V. relaxed time for her.
Here's a happy gang in the kitchen....
From the left:  Fiona, Cathie, Wendy, Julie, Dorothy, Sue, Robyn and Teresa

Glenys, Cathie and Teresa enjoying some quiet reflection.



Julie and Mary with the fruit and veg quilt Julie is making for her class of special kids.


I wonder who invented the pot doorstop?


Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Glad you had a great weekend. Where did you stay in York? It looks like one of the older places. Have a great day.

maggi said...

Thanks for introducing us to your friends.

Lizzie said...

Really sounds like a good time was had by all Sue. I love York, it's a great little town and lots to see and do.

Khris said...

What a lovely frity quilt..I had to google Dongara to see where it was Aussie blog to read...hugs Khris

Micki said...

What a lovely weekend, and it was wonderful meeting some of your friends through the post.

Pennie and David said...

Hey! That's Fiona McClintock... I know her she was my Angel about 100 years ago! Say Hello for me :-)