Monday, 5 October 2009

My Friendship Bag has arrived

This trendy little bag arrived today from Faridah in Malaysia. It's so cute and the modern fabric she chose is gorgeous. I had to do a little detective work because there was no note or card in the parcel, just Faridah's name on the postal sticker. It meant I had to go back to the list of participants at and trawl through the 200 + people who were in the swap until I found Faridah's name, then search for her blog and email address. Whew, finally I was able to thank her for her delightful gift to me. I hope she can read it because I had to translate her blog from Indonesian. Terima Kasih.


mama alicianorman said...

Dear Sue,

I am very sorry and really sorry that I forgot to put any notes in the parcel, and poor you have to search my name through those 200 names. I was in a hurry to send the bag because the due date is almost around the corner. Actually I was busy with my new house.
After I put the parcel in the post box then I remember that I did not put any note.... please forgive me and this will not happen again .:(

Lizzie said...

What a lovely bag Sue, gorgeous fabric and a good bit of detective work there! Makes life interesting, now it's not just a bag, it's a bag with a story!!