Monday, 5 October 2009

Who let the girls out?

Mary and I went the Geraldton Patchwork Club Fair .
We had a great day with shopping and meeting up with friends, admiring the quilts, plenty of refreshments, way too much icecream and more than a few giggles.

These are some of the goodies I bought.
A little indulgence in "Prim", just for a change.
         After the Quilt Fair we went to see a film. 
 "Mao's Last Dancer". It was every bit as enjoyable as the book.
Of course we had to have a little cry too, that always makes a film better.

I'd like to make this photo, taken on the way home, my banner but the intracacies of getting it to sit just right are beyond me. Any suggestions from all you blogwhizzes would be appreciated. Thanks.


Maria said...

Wow Sue I just love the photo of the hay bays, was worth stopping for.

christine said...

Thanks for your comment...