Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Royal Visit

I am thrilled to have a little visitor arrive this week. Well! I hope it was this week she arrived but I'm very afraid she may have spent last week shut in my poky little mailbox all dark and crowded with post while I was away. Anyway she came out smiling  and wasn't sulky and princessy at all.
This is Flat Princess and she has flown all the way from Canada where she had been staying with Pea for a while. You can read all about her world travels here.
Tonight she came with me to The Patch where she helped a couple of the ladies pin a quilt.

Then she admired some of the quilts on display.

Here Jean is showing her the hand work Teena, Beatrice and Barb were doing.
While she is here I'll be showing her around for a few weeks so pop back here to see what she gets up to.
Who knows where she's off to next? If you'd like her to visit you just drop me a line and I'll book her ticket.


webbsway said...

O Sue!

She is so cute and all of those talented friends of yours -off to a journey of fabrics. How really wonderful.

Micki said...

You must of all had a blast! She looks super talented!

Needled Mom said...

What fun for the Flat Princess!!! She will be such a world traveler by the end of her trip. She is lucky to be up close with those beautiful quilts.

nerines said...

That does look a whole lot of fun!!Lol, it's great to see that she was helping out too:)