Thursday, 30 September 2010

I must have done something very bad!

Do you ever get days when everything and I mean everything goes wrong? I'm having a week of it. The sort of time in my book of life where I just want to tear the page out.
Monday morning as I was jumping up to greet the perfect day, I heard a crack and clunk and my neck was oh so painfully out!  I've been to the chiro, had the physio call in and dosed myself with painkillers and gradually I'm returning to normal.
Then yesterday the plumber arrived to unblock the slow drain. Now we have about 40 square metres of paving ripped up, digging machines in the driveway, broken and caving in septic tanks, trucks pumping sewerage, 3 burly plumbers trudging through the place in boots covered in "you don't want to know". Boss plumber shaking his head sorrowfully to me but with a secret glint in his eye. Promises of being able to flush the toilet next week by the time my 6 quilty guests arrive for 3 days!

Meanwhile all my hens seem to have a nasty complaint that has caused them to have a touch a huge case of the wobbly tummies. Poor chookies, they're off the lay but seem ok, just rather unsavoury towards the back end.

Wait there's more....Just now, I've left a very sick and sad little Otto at the vet's where he is undergoing surgery to treat his broken and infected canine tooth (what's a cat doing with canine teeth anyway?) and having tests to determine if he also has kidney disease or something stuck in his throat to add to the cause of his abject misery.

All this makes the newish dvd player that refuses to deliver sound and the five million buzzing blowflies in my house (is it any wonder with the open drains and the poopy hens stinking up the place?) seem like very small stuff indeed.


Bev C said...


Lock the door go to the fridge and find the chocolate!!!!

At least the plumber arrived,here a tradesman never arrives on time.
Though next week or as he is leaving he will probably give you a envelope!!!!
I have just had a neighbour arrive he had 3 grands worth of men's stuff taken from his shed on Tuesday night. They didn't break in,they took of a sheet of tin of the shed under the window!!!!!
Hope these lowlifes don't come your way.

I hope the hens and Otto improve.

Happy days.

Lizzie said...

OMG, thank goodness the week is nearly over, I'm keeping everything crossed that next week starts off really, really well for you..
Sending huge cyber hugs...

fairchildstreet said...

My goodness what a week. I thought my was bad enough. Plumber came to fix toilet went cleared the pipes went off to buy a washer for the flusher thingy. Washer to arrive Monday still hasn't arrived. Lucky we have four toilets. Charmaine

Jacque said...

you seem to be experiencing the week from hell. Sorry to hear that. Hope things turn around for you and yours.

Gene Black said...

Gee, what a week!

The DVD player may need an extra cable for the sound depending on what cables you used to hook it up with. I had that happen to me once.

Joanne Lendaro said... poor thing! You certainly do have your hands full right now! Hang in there as we all know this too shall pass. but sometimes it just shouldn't take it's own sweet time!!

Allie said...

Now that is a bad week, Sue! My goodness I hope it gets better....poor Otto!

Maria said...

OH my!!! I am sure the place will be ready for next week.
Hope poor Otto is alright.
Maybe you should come here for a cuppa.

Micki said...

It sounds like quite a week. Now, there only will be wonderful things happening to you.

Heidi said...

I know it's not nice to laugh at other peoples pain - but you told it so well! Better days coming your way!