Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sculpture on the Beach

We took a trip to the city this week.
Along the way, some wag had taken it upon himself to add to the roadside warnings.
We did get a giggle out of this little kiwi. 

While the bloke was laid up in hospital I took myself off to the scene of my misspent youth, Cottesloe Beach,  to view some fabulous sculptures and installations

With the bloke now overhauled and feeling chirpy, it's back home today for us.


Maria said...

Pleased the bloke is feeling chirpy again.
Yes we did laugh at the kiwi on the sign too.
Beautiful sculptures . Will check them out next week.
Welcome Home.

Kristy said...

Wow, Cott looks pretty empty for the wheather you have been having. I miss the Perth beaches, the ones here in Melbourne are not a patch on ones like this!

Lizzie said...

Great shots Sue, I love the jug on legs..! It's amazing what a grease and oil change will do isn't it, glad the bloke is running smoothly again...

BubzRugz said...

Glad to hear Bloke is all good again.... love the art work you found... amazing .... and the poor lost Kiwi in the Outback???

Allie said...

Amazing sculptures - glad your bloke is feeling good!

webbsway said...

Hope everyone is up and running once again. I totally Loved the sculptures and installations! You find some of the most awesome things.

Jay said...

Wonderful Art!!! Thanks for sharing!