Saturday, 5 March 2011

There is a sense of satisfaction.

I love the feeling of satisfaction I get when small tasks are completed. In fact it feels so good I don't know why I don't finish stuff sooner.
Although it's been much too hot to sit and sew lately I have managed to catch up with all sorts of little bits and pieces like Penelope here. She is a travelling goat who belongs to Jan in Alabama. I'm ashamed to say Penelope has been here at Charlotte's Cottage for months...Yes, months, while I got around to finishing her off.
At last she's packed and ready to travel once more.
Georgia is my travelling goat, if you think she looks more like a rabbit,
that's because I much prefer rabbits to goats.
She has been home now for weeks and I've admired her every day whilst pondering what the dickens I was going to do with Penelope.
Despite the agonies and stress of being way over due with the completion of a goat, I have undertaken yet another swap...this time it's travelling pin cushions.
I hope I can keep up.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

same here sue...i sometimes wonder why something isn't finished sooner...

BubzRugz said...

Penelope looks lovely and ready for her travel back home.... and Georgia has made a wonderful bag...
Looking forward to seeing the pincushion grow... the base is great...

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are keeping busy. See you have a lovely new quilt, congratulations. Enjoy all those flying geese!!! Love to all
Muriel (Still in Arno Bay S.A.)

webbsway said...

I used to have 35 dairy goats that I dearly loved . I would milk them and then sometimes I raised baby calves to sell to pay taxes -OR- sometimes I made cheeses and ice creams that were so yummy.

I miss them terribly . I think DH does too because when goats graze on poison oak or ivy and they digest it and you drink the milk -it immunizes you from catching it ?? Yea! Or that is what they say and that is the way it worked for us. Seems like every time I turn around DH is breaking out like crazy and itching to death. He washes it with bleach now and he says that kills it too. But, I did much prefer drinking the milk and being protected that way.

I should add that when our youngest son was about 7 -before we had the goats_ he caught poison oak and he was covered in it. But the problem was it was on his face and getting into his eyes and mouth and ears. I read somewhere that you could kill poison oak right on the spot IF you put embalming fluid on it-but they did caution it would "set you on fire"?

It was getting dire and I had a friend who had some and we went and picked it up.

This little fellow at that age was spunky and brave and I told him what they said it would do and how we needed to kill that stuff so it would not damage his eyes.

So, we agreed on a plan of I was going to cover him up in it and as soon as I finished I wanted him to run around the house screaming as loud as he possibly could and then run to the creek and back and it would all be over.

Well, bless his little heart -that was what he did and when he made that final lap home and collapsed down beside me- catching his breath! He was one hundred percent Fixed - no more itch and no more poison oak! Yea! Funny the lessons we can learn in this life. : )

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Oh your goats and rabbits are beautiful. With the weather getting somewhat cooler we will all be back creating.
Happy days.

Maria said...

Oh Penelope does look beautiful now Sue. I am sure she is happy to be on her way home.Even though Georgina will miss her.