Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Around the world TWICE!

I love woolly things
and this little woolly pin cushion skin
has arrived home.
Fiona over at Bubz Rugz
arranged a swap and this base went from my place in Western Australia to Janet in the Yukon,
back to Marina in Victoria then off to Florida for Jacqueline to finish it up and send it back to me.
I'm so lucky.
Thanks girls for making this so cute.


Lizzie said...

It is very cute, I love the way you've got fields with things in, so pretty..

Allie said...

That is so darling! Don't you wish you could have delivered in person at each place?

webbsway said...

O HOW NEAT! The colors are beautiful- I guess Great Minds really do think alike! ;)

Fiona said...

Love it.... it's amazing the detail in such a small piece....

Maria said...

Love it Sue and I will come and see it soon.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

This is so cute Fiona...don't you just love felt pin cushions!!!

marina said...

Love your completed top, now how will you finish yours. I am trying to get mine sorted. I love the blues.

Shari said...

I just love how this turned out! I love things that are so charming and have such a great story to go with them.