Friday, 30 September 2011

My FRIENDS parcel has arrived in NY.

 I gathered an assortment of things to send to my new friend Robbie
She's a professional long arm quilter so I avoided doing any quilting for her
but I studied her blog and found out that she is crafty in all sorts of ways
So we always need scissors for crafts.
and a little kitty chatelaine called "Socksie" to keep them safe
Robbie loves making dolls too so she might like a Wild Woman doll
to wear as a pin or hang in her studio.
This is Deena the Dancing Diva
and she collects hearts too so this little wool stitchery
features her two much loved horses.
It's a Felt Farm
Some of the stuff I bought, "R" is red fat quarters, "I" for inches of ruler and cutting mat, "E" always means embroidery threads to me and needles in their own needle case has to be "N"

Thanks Khris for running this swap I had so much fun and now I've met Robbie too.


webbsway said...

O Sue ! I love all of your "detective - work" that you did and how you came up with such lovely gifts! She should be thrilled with her gifts and knowing that she shares a gifted world with you. : )

Fiona said...

Those are great... that wild woman is a soul mate I think and I love you felt work.... so much detail in a small space....

Maria said...

Lucky Robbie to receive your lovely gifts.
I think I need you to give me embriodery lessons. Love the heart.

rooee said...

Sue you beat me to it. I was going to take some closeups of your lovely work this weekend. Time isn't on my side right now. I cannot stop looking at my 'things'. And you know what, I didn't give it a thought when you blogged about Dreena - honest!!!
Ladies, Sue's work is just exquisite and I am very blessed!!!

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

A great range of gifts for Robbie, love the heart,so love that one.
Happy days.