Monday, 3 October 2011

Scruffy li'l alley cats

I'd made big plans.
A colourful row of delightful Pussycats. 
 Something bright and challenging for a Row x Row I am taking part in.
I had the pattern, lots of scraps and encouraging words from my friend Jenny.
Jenny warned me the pattern was tricky.
Tiny foundation pieces, curves and precision cutting was all required.
She knew because she'd already made a whole quilt of these Moggies.
"Go slowly and carefully, Sue" she said.
Now I've done my rainbow of whisker wearers
and they are truly awful.
I shed blood, sweat and tears over them, used an entire tub of scraps remaking them,
stitched and restitched their pathetic scrawny bodies and still they are way too wobbly.
A true caterwauling catastrophe.
Now, please tell me, dear friends.
Do I sew a whole new row of something I can cope with...4 patch for example
or do I celebrate my attempts and send these out?

p.s. It is the start of my new quilt.......
I wouldn't send these moth eaten moggies off to someone elses quilt!


Fiona said...

Oh Sue.. these are such a great idea... if it was me... well, I would never have been so adventurous in the first place!! but I think they could still be rescued from the pound.... wobbly or not.. they are delightful

Ann Marie said...

Well I think they look fabulous, they would look great on my row by row quilt I did in rainbow colors. Too bad we weren't swap partners or something, I would love to have them.

Lizzie said...

Well, I would definitely celebrate that you have them done, not everything in life is straight and perfect, Moggies included. Keep them in, they're your Moggies after all...

Di said...

Sue, I predict that they are spectacular enough that whoever receives them will be more than happy to make allowances. I would :-))

Bev C said...

As you said Sue they are Moggies,not Pedigrees! Seriously I love them, they are just so fun and bright I would leave them as is. I can just imagine a whole quilt done with this pattern.
happy days.

Maria said...

Sue I love you Moth Eaten Moggies.
Send them on and see what fun others can have making your colourful Row by Row.

Allie said...

Those are just darling and you are so brave! I wouldn't even attempt them, lol. I'd send them!

webbsway said...

O Sue! Those are the absolutely "cutest" !!!!!!!!!!!!! Who would not treasure them! These would be my Second favorite project I have seen in my entire lifetime! YOU GO Girl!
(sorry - I have always wanted to say that! ) LOL

Prue said...

Definitely send them out and see what they come back with!!
I was going to do cats but am glad I didn't as mine would have paled into insignificance next to yours!!

rooee said...

i think they are charming! but i am confused after seeing your PS. are they going or staying? :) i think they will be happy where their home is!