Monday, 28 November 2011

So much could have happened............

........but I cheated!
On Friday I prepared for our annual "Bookclub" dinner.
Last year after a dreadful meal, served V. badly at a local restaurant,
I suggested we all gather at my house next time!
This was a flippant comment I thought I could possibly regret later.
I didn't know back then I would have a stroke early this year and although I was lucky not to be totally wrecked it has taken all this time to feel really ok again.
Exhaustion still hits me occasionally and my ability to read and comprehend books
is not quite as good as it once was.
The Book Clubbers knew this and gave me the chance to renege but
I chose to change the rools instead.
So here it is....
A table set for delicious take-away Thai from our local restaurant,
(Not the one we mistakenly chose last year, tho'.)
Ten of us ate, drank and were merry.
The latest book was discussed amongst plenty of totally unrelated chatter.
Best wishes were shared for a wonderful Christmas,
enjoyment was had by all.
and nobody was disappointed I hadn't cooked.


Anonymous said...

good for you

Fiona said...

What a great way to host a book club party... much better for you to have time to have fun..... I missed any news about your stroke.... you seem to be doing really well....

Allie said...

Well good for you, girl, that's the way to enjoy the party you throw! Love those lights, and the table setting, good job!!!

Marls said...

Sue- I knew you had had a rocky period but had no idea the reason. Glad you are still able to enjoy your creative outlets. What you have continued to do in the quilting world is even more precious.
Glad you and the 'book girls' had a great night.

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

That is a whole lot of fun. Love the table decorations and the meal sounds lovely. Happy reading.

rosie said...

So pleased that you are so much better.. glad too that you had such a good time with friends..

Floss said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea, and a enjoyable evening spent with friends.

- said...
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Maria said...

So pleased you ALL had a great time Sue. the table looked better than the photo shoot.

Ali Honey said...

That's a splendid idea. I will save it to use sometime. I hope you will regain all your previous enjoyment in reading and sewing. You are inspirational!