Friday, 9 December 2011

My new toy...........

I don't seem to have time to blog these days,
being retired is certainly keeping me busy.
So many places to go and things to do........
.............and I have to learn how to play with this.
The bloke thought I might like one for my birthday and he was right!
I'm in heaven...............

Not only do I have lots of new APPS to enjoy but
those Angry Birds are so much bigger on this.

Great for aging eyes.


beebee said...

Happy Birthday...what a great gift.
My sons gave me one for Mother's Day/ Birthday in April. I love it! and you're right, those angry birds are much easier to see on this screen.

Jodie said...

I got one this week as well. No idea what
I am doing.

Shari said...

Have fun with it! Before you know it you'll be doing everything on it and won't need your computer!

Gene Black said...

I got one of those a few months ago for my birthday. Wow...they are so cool. If you read, the kindle app works great on it too.

Fiona said...

What fun Sue... you will thoroughly enjoy .... I'm a bit backward.. is Angry Birds a game?

Lizzie said...

Ooooh, nice, I think I might be pushing if I ask for one of those too.. :o)
I'm loving being all apple I must admit..enjoy.

Joy said...

My dear hubby has one too, aren't they fabulous!!?? Oh.... and I just love Angry Birds on it too :o).
Joy :o)