Sunday, 11 December 2011

I missed all the fun......

My bloke has been to his "Christmas Work Do".
He works with our SiL and their partners were invited to the party too.
I said "No" when I thought about the long drive down to the city when I'd already been down there last week BUT they didn't tell me it was a costume party with a wild west theme.
I'd have loved that.
The bloke is cute as Woody and our DD made a lovely Jesse
but our very tall son in law really looks the part as Stinky Pete.
He didn't win the prize tho'
That went to a Horse!


Heidi said...

LOL - Stinky Pete is hilarious! I love costume parties!!

Lizzie said...

They all look pretty good but the bloke really looks the part, shame you didn't get to it I reckon you'd have aced it in a cowboy hat... :o)

Allie said...

Haha what GREAT costumes, I especially love the Stinky Pete! That looks so fun!

webbsway said...

O what fun! I think "stinky" should have won! Darn it ! LOL

I have been missing you around here! Too much holiday to keep up with ??? :)

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Oh don't they look the part. Hope you had a great Monday.