Monday, 23 January 2012

For you Linda...a little travelogue as promised

A mixed collection of photos from my phone, ipad and camera.
I'm sure Mr Google will have far better shots than I do.

Hugs from Sue


Fiona said...

lovely selection of pics... I love the little ones eating their pasta... and the mossy ducks...

webbsway said...

O Sue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Talk about the WOW factor! Thank you SOOOO VERY Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! I agree with Fiona how cute the little ones eating pasta is! LOL

But jeepers - I love them all . I couldn't help but wonder if that was one of The Sacred Cows?
That sunset is awesome.The first one really is a mixture taking me from in the trees over the water - to observing People , people everywhere. LOL Of course I love the mossy ducks too , after all they are critters. :-) And the last one has my curosity captured -would love to know what that green is growing there?
Thank you, thank you So much Sue.
What an honor!