Friday, 27 January 2012

It's certainly hot here in the West!

So hot...............Days of 40+ degrees with more forcast for the rest of the week.
I'd have loved to stay home near the beach living my holiday lifestyle but my car was booked in for a service down south and I planned to stay with my DD for a few days.
It was too hot to make plans.
We all stayed indoors in the airconditioning.
 Even Ruby and Daisy were allowed inside to enjoy the cool.
 Then yesterday I drove home, it was 42 degrees and my newly serviced car airconditioning
 just couldn't cope with the 450 km trip.
With my windows down I soldiered on!
Hours in the car with the sun streaming through the open tinting when they're open.
Until I got to less than 100 km from home and a very hot and grumpy policeman told me the highway was closed to trafiic due to a bush fire.
(I almost felt sorry for him standing out in the sun, neatly tailored uniform sticking to his very sweaty body).
Tho' this didn't make it any easier to hear that I now had to detour to the East an extra 100 kms and a further hour on dusty tracks. (Still with my windows down.)
 Finally I was home, Cold, cold shower and collapsing in front of the air conditioning.......hooray.
The bloke had planned dinner, minced pork.
What was he thinking? Cooking on such a hot day! Couldn't he have ordered a pizza?

Luckily I'd brought some lovely Peanut Satay mix back from Bali , so between us we mixed up some chilli, garlic and lime with the pork, stuck it all onto lemongrass from the garden and grilled it.

It was almost good enough to make up for the dreadful day on the road.


webbsway said...

I remember that rug well- as I had one for my boys & grandsons too.

OOOO, I love your furbabies - they look just plain beat. LOL

I do know when it gets hot over here that my furbabies stay IN the house more than out. LOL

I did not like the sound of the brush-fire- was it anywhere near your home?

Lizzie said...

what a shocking trip it must have been..! so glad you made it back safely and at least the bloke had 'thought' about food, the railway man would have waited 'till I got home and then asked what we would have...!!!
stay cool..

Fiona said...

Such a hot trip... it is just a bit too much when it is like that.. hope it cools soon... the food at the end looks fantastic....

Floss said...

hopefully you can stay in the air conditioning until it gets a bit cooler.

rosie said...

Thank heavens for air conditioning... I can't help feeling sorry for the poor policeman too!