Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The old cooker sings her Swansong

The bloke and I went up to the big town yesterday to buy a new stove.
It must be the right size to fit the space and not cost too much of course.
It should also look like it belongs in our very old house.
and it had to fit in the back of my little hatchback to come home with us.

The old girl is so tatty I'm ashamed to show you this photo of her, she's grimy and scratched, her knobs don't work and she burns bottoms like you wouldn't believe.
She's gonna have to go!
This is her last performance
a batch of Anzac biscuits
just because it's Anzac Day .

A very long time ago, when the bloke was a soldier, we lived in Singapore.
The bikkies available then were terrible so every week I made a double batch of Anzacs.
They were delicious, thin and crispy,
sweet and sticky.

  I can't remember the recipe and of course I can't find my copy so this one came from the interweb.
It's not the same, the mix is too dry, the biscuits way too structural,
they haven't spread across the tray and just aren't gooey enough.

I only made a single batch....'cos I'm on a life changing diet.
Maybe it's just as well these are not so very good!

Today I listened to Eric Bogle's
and shed a tear for soldiers long gone.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Now I'm getting all teary Sue...a lovely post...keep hunting...the recipe has got to be out there somewhere...Good luck with your 'new girl''s going to be great xo

Maria said...

Must come and try your ANZACS!!!!!

Fiona said...

I love Anzacs... better go and bake some.... you know your old cooker sounds a lot like me...tattered, knobs don't work.... la de da....

Allie said...

I need a new stove too - sigh. Hubby is the cook around here, and I'd rather throw out the stove than clean it when he's done. Your anzac's look lovely, but if you're not satisfied then I hope you find your recipe!

Lizzie said...

nice cooker, lovely anzacs, I like chewy ones and yes, I know they're not supposed to be chewy...I buy the crisp ones in the tin every year for the railway man.

marina said...

Hubby made a jumbo batch of Anzacs yesterday so I could take some to work. They were just perfect, I will copy the recipe for you if you like?
Love that song, I used to like playing it on my guitar. The words are so touching.

Shari said...

Hope the new stove works out. And I hope you find your recipe. Nothing like an old family recipe.

PS Looks like Rotto was a blast.

Copper Patch said...

I hope the new oven helps you re-enact your Anzac recipe. They have to be chewey in the centre and crunchy on the outside for me :o)

webbsway said...

Since I am stuck way over here in the USA - I have never heard of Anzac-but they look lovely

That is such a pretty dish you have them in!

Floss said...

I love Anzac biscuits, but I could find mum old recipes when I was home do looks like if I want some I will be looking on the web too.