Thursday, 3 May 2012

It's all happening here!

Yesterday was the day I'd booked the electrician and the gas plumber to fit my oven
then the TV antenna guy rang to say he could come yesterday too.
How great is this all the tradies could be waited for in one day!
 We all know that tradesmen will keep us waiting all day but not these guys,
they all turned up nice and early.
Luckily after I'd showered and dressed tho'.

It was so much fun!
 There was the cute guy with glasses who looked more like an accountant,
The one with the gooooorgeous Irish accent
who I had to ask lots of very important questions
 just to keep him talking


 They were the roof....climbing the walls

Inspecting every grimy corner of my neglected kitchen.
Please note that this plumber wears his pants modestly high
or his shirt long enough to cover his behind!
but finally the old crone was removed, kicking and screaming to her last view of this house!
She'll soon be at the rubbish tip!

Sadly the job couldn't be finished yesterday so I couldn't cook wonderful dishes for dinner...what a shame.
 but today the plumbers were back....connecting....checking....complying with bylaws....
making sure all is safe in my kitchen......
well apart from the quality of my cooking that is.
Oh dear I'll be so busy packing for my day trip to Bali this weekend I'll be much too busy to cook tonight.
I'll be back again after the weekend,
maybe then?


Allie said...

Yahoo!!!! Gotta love a modest plumber, lol....BALI? I want a ton of pics from you, girl!

Fiona said...

It's always fun to have the tradies over.... enjoy your new stove but don't cook too much!!! and have a wonderful time in Bali... I'm not in the slightest bit jealous..... nah.. I'm no good at lying... I'm very jealous....

Anonymous said...

love it ,what an amuzing post,you are quite the charactor,hope you get to use your new stove soon.xx

Maria said...

What fun having all the tradies in now you have your new stove and a tele connected.
Have fun on your DAY trip to Bali.
See you on Tuesday......

Shari said...

Great news! It will be wonderful to play with when you get back. Will you visit the fabric factory?