Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Life is short

Last year I had a little health crisis
which made me realise that
life is a gift to be treasured
and enjoyed.

So this is what I did on Saturday.......
 My friend Bev and I caught a plane to Bali,
dressed in comfy clothes
and feeling a little chilly as we left Perth.

 Here is Bev posing by our transport for the day.

Our first stop was "Fabric Street" where we managed to fill two big suitcases,
50 kilos...our weight limit for the flight home
 After a couple of hours we were starting to feel the effects of our sleepless night,
the warmth and humidity in Bali,
 the overwhelming excitement of all this fabric
and our tummies were empty!
So we called into a beautiful resort,
ordered a delicious lunch of Nasi Goreng
and stole a swim in the huge pool (Note: Only for the use of guests)

Maybe all white people look the same to the Balinese?
No one threw us out anyway!

The next item on our list.....
We chose the 2 hour special which included an avocado scrub, carrot milk wrap,
salted foot massage, scented oils and herbal ginger tea.

We were a little surprised when they offered us tiny disposible panties to wear.
I decided to stay in my own knickers....my only ones....we didn't pack clothing for a one day trip.
At the end of the massage we sat on the little step next to this tub and were sponged and lathered all over, Bev  and I tried not to look at each other when we realised not only did we look like
TweedleDee and TweedleDum
sitting there, large and nearly naked on the step being bathed but my knickers were getting washed too!
Then it dawned on us that we were expected to both get into this weeny little tub together.
It was filled to the brim and covered with floating petals, so pretty, but even Archimedes knows what happens when you put TWO LARGE BEINGS into a container filled with water!
Lordy me it was a sight!
No you will not be shown a photo of that

Finally 24 hours after we flew out we were back home at Bev's house gloating over our loot.
Yes, we were tired but had a wonderful day, do you want to come with us next time?


Anonymous said...

WHOA Sue!!! You and Bev really went all that way for 1 day????? Wow...I am so impressed, and yes...you made me laugh over the massage and tub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL I can see it and imagine it well~~~ hahaha
And then my eyes popped out over your fabric stash! LUSH and WILD adventure...I'm so happy for both of you~ ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

I recommended your blog in my post tonight~ ♥♥♥

Maria said...
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Maria said...

What a fabulous day Bev and you had.
The day went just as you both planned.
Lovely stash of fabrics....
Will pop over later for a look.

Anonymous said...

lol you made me laugh Sue what a funny story,glad you had so much fun,would have never thought of going for one day.xx

Fiona said...

Wonderful Sue - fantastic fabrics.... was such a fun story aswell... so glad you had a good day... you are so right... just live each day the best you can... we should all do that...

Allie said...

WOW - what a FABULOUS day - yes I want to come next time!! Fabric STREET? All those gorgeous fabrics, *swoon*, and hey you were a guest at the resort, you had lunch there, lol! Cracking up over the tub thing...oh too funny...I am so glad you had such a brilliant time!!!

Wilma NC said...

Great post. Made me laugh.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Ha ha ha laughing here Sue...what a scream...but oh gosh what a day!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great day you must have had and look at all the treasure you brought home, I have been to Sydney for the day but never to Bali, well done

Jodie said...

I'd love to come but no way would three of us fit in that tub.

Lizzie said...

or four (following on from Jodie's comment)...!!! sounds like a great 24 hours, the massage is just what I need right now but I'm still not sure I'd like the tub..?

Diane-crewe said...

thanks for taking us with you .. made my day xx

marina said...

what a great adventure!
Love your description of the massage. lol

webbsway said...

O Sue!
What a wondrous adventure you two shared. I would NEVER wish for you to be sick -but it certainly did help you find your priorities in order. When you take care of your human body -then you can take care of Other humans! LOL
My only regret was that I was not there with you. Your pictures are so beautiful and your LOOT! O my -can't wait to see what you transform it into and all of those beautiful memories ! I bet when you go to sew with any of them that you feel a big smile spread across your face! I think that is called Magic!

Di said...

Wow,Sue! What a fun thing to do!