Wednesday, 9 May 2012

It’s time for a tidy up

I’m beginning to panic, less than two weeks to Angus’s birthday and I still have two blocks to complete for his quilt, all the pieced borders and the QUILTING.

Oh dear


Today I sat down to work on the second last block hoping I could finish it today and get started on the last one quickly

but the pattern is missing

I had it a week ago, I remember discussing it with a friend at the dinner table and working out how to make the clever little fish with stuff I already had at home.

I’ve looked everywhere

even in the rubbish bin waiting by the side of the road for pick up!

It’s nowhere to be seen

Time to tidy up the house and see if I can find it.

I hope it’s safely nestled under some stuff just resting quietly.


Anonymous said...

hate it when that happens,lol,it happens to me on a regular bases,hope you find it in time.xx

Diane-crewe said...

sit down... deep breath.... stand up....NOW run around headless!!! good luck!! xx

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Breathe deep, it is probably in the first place you looked. That is usually where I find my missing stuff.

Fiona said...

Oh sue... I hope you find it soon... it is probably in an obvious place but that doesn't make it any easier for you to sleep...

Maria said...

Did you ask your Angels????? Have they led you to the missing peice yet...
I hope so.

Allie said...

Uh-oh - I hate when that happens!!! I hope you find it soon!!

Floss said...

hope you find it and still have time to finish.