Saturday, 26 January 2013

Where to begin?

I've been sorting out my sewing room this week. Phew!
What a huge job it see i'm a hoarder.
Yes! Just like those on tv! Well maybe not quite that bad but i'm getting there thats for sure.
I have so many half finished projects i just don't know where to start, here's a list of a few i uncovered this morning.
Right now I'm making a quilt from shirts. A memory quilt for a young Mum in town who lost her hubby a while back, she wanted something she and the three little children could snuggle under together. Finishing this is first on the list.
Then there is my hand sewn Earth and Twig BoM from Sue Spargo, it's fun but oh so slow for someone with my short attention span.
A few little stars and hexies for a raffle quilt for The Patch, our guild in town. Every member is doing a small part and these must be finished next week. Nearly there!
A stack of flimsies, and this is only half the pile. I could quilt by chequebook?
Goodness me, I'd forgotten this one.........a quilt bee group of Snowdomes.
A cut out kit for Christmas.................i didn't say which Christmas!
Oh dear and another Christmas quilt..............
These two piles of strips are my Broome quilt, started with huge enthusiasm after a wonderful holiday there last August!
All About the Town, more handwork to finish the applique and then just join up the 4 quarters, it all sounds so easy.
Another shirt quilt, i don't know why i started this one.
Breaking the Drought from a workshop with Lisa Walton a few years ago. I can't finish this because i have stolen bits to use in other quilts. Maybe I could turn it into a set of place mats?
This is McKenna Ryan "Wish upon a Star" a very overdue gift for grandie Angus, it's almost done.
Another BoM from QuiltAid, years old again, I'm gradually giving this away.
A new Bom this year. What was I thinking?
This is an on line BoM "Red Delicious" I did with Esther Aliu. I loved doing it. I love the quilt, it's almost quilted...........why didn't i finish it?

I feel so much better with my sewing all organised, I have binned quite a bit of stuff which is very good therapy for a hoarder.
I will get some of these UFOs done soon,
I will quilt a few flimsies with $$$ and get them off the pile
and I will stop shopping for a little while.

Woohoo, wish me luck.


Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

These quilting photo's are really looking at your past. Lots for you to do in the future, one at a time I think.Good luck with them, I would start with the smallest one first and then celebrate with cake and tea and move on from there.

Enjoy the Australia Day long weekend.


marina said...

slow and steady will get your ufo's done.
I like the idea of the memory quilt. It will be lovely.

Diane-crewe said...

I think ALL quilters are hoarders ... whether they admit it or not!! Maybe by being organised you can reduce it .. a little x Have FUN xx

Shari said...

A lovely look at your projects. Hope you can do all you want to with them. I've made a memory quilt out of shirts for my husband's cousin who died of skin cancer - there was a huge range of fabrics in the 12 shirts I was given, from cotton, poly, viscose,silk etc. I stabilised all the fabric with light weight interfacing. I paid to have it quilted. The family was really happy with it in the end.

Anita said...

lol. There's a lot of quilts happening there!!! They will keep you very busy for a while I should imagine. What a beautiful idea to make a memory quilt, I love that. It will be a very special keepsake for that family.
Cheers, Anita.

Maria said...

Good luck with the pile.....

Fiona said...

love it... so many of us seem to have loads of different projects on the go... you have some beauties there so I hope you get them done for us to see...

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You can do it Sue.....lovely projects

Lizzie said...

What were you doing in my cupboards and drawers..?? Oh it was yours, looks awfully like mine.. ;o)
Very brave and strong of you to list them all, I'm not game...!!

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