Sunday, 10 February 2013

The shrinking pile.......

It's so hot this weekend, yesterday was around 43 degrees and I spent the day at The Patch stitching together a row of stars and hexies with a lot of our club members.
We had a good turnout for the hand stitching and made huge progress on our handmade raffle quilt. The companionship was wonderful as we sat together under the airconditioner and chatted.
Today i finally finished grandie Angus' quilt......
Poor boy has been patiently waiting for his big bed quilt since his birthday last May, he thought it might have been under the Christmas tree but "No" not ready then either.
I'll pop it into the mail least he won't be cold now while he's waiting.

Now I'm working on this quilt
It's the memory quilt I'm making for Tania. She really wanted a quilt that she and her three little kids could cuddle under to remember her husband who was tragically killed late in 2011.

Three of the girls at The Patch put in huge time and talent to make a quilt for each child but I was a little too slow to have this one ready for Thursday night when we all presented the children with their quilts.
Here are the quilts, all made from their Dad's jean's and teeshirts.
Helen made this one for Zaine.
Pat did this one for Clay
And Mary made this one for baby Amali.
Haven't they all done a fabulous job working with heavy jeans to made these love filled quilts for the kids to have forever.
Well I've had a little rest now, time to get back to the quilting.
I want to get Tania's quilt to her soon.


Lizzie said...

Angus will love that quilt for sure..! How lovely to make the memory quilts, it will be fabulous when it's finished. We've had a hot week here too but it's a very pleasant 24 today, good sleeping night!

Anita said...

Hi Sue,
You and your girls have big passionate hearts. I've been
looking at those quilts thinking what a lovely memory for that family. God bless.
Hugs, Anita.

Maria said...

Angus will be pleased to get his Big Boy quilt....

Needled Mom said...

Angus will love his quilt. It turned out so well.

I love the idea of making quilts for each of the children. What a tragic loss!

marina said...

you all look very industrious!
angus' quilt looks amazing and so worth the wait!
Poor kiddies to have lost their dad so young. The comfort quilts are amazing. What a lovely gift for them.

Fiona said...

sooooo hot, angus's quilt is just lovely and he will be so pleased.... lovely memory quilts you have all made.. they will be so precious and special...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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