Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Some days are diamonds

Running the risk of sounding like a self absorbed show off, I just have to say I'm having so much fun this week.
I am on holidays, not with my Gorgeous Bloke, nor my lovely family but with three fun quilting friends.
We arrived at the airport at midnight with large empty bags.
Tried to catch a few hours sleep on the is Donna just waking up before landing in Denpaser. Trust me, I asked her permission before posting this highly descriptive photo!
Our hotel was quiet until we arrived.
But after a moonlit Mojito we were raring to go.
Plenty of shopping to be done, I love using Bali fabrics in my quilts.
There will be plenty of time for girly chats, more shopping and one or three more massages before we have to come home. These days are truly diamonds and so are these friends.


Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Have a great time. Bonnie flew out to Bali today too. You might see her!!

Happy holidays.

Fiona said...

Have fun..... I am sure you won't get up to too much nonsense????? Enjoy the shopping trip, giggles etc...