Sunday, 16 June 2013

Chicago, Chicago

I've never really thought much about Chicago. It's a big city, souless, grey, boring....... Right?
Yesterday my eyes were opened! This city is colourful, interesting and filled with creativity.
It even talks to you.
Animals and birds live side by side with the nearly 3 million residents, not to mention all the tourists from all over the world.
Artwork fills every corner and is enjoyed by all.
Gardens blossom and refresh.
Statues tell stories.
The city is reflected on itself constantly until it almost disappears!
And every day the water in Lake Michigan and Chicago River flows across the locks to let the boats move between them.
I know this because the bloke and i took an Architectural tour by boat.
What a great way to learn about this place, it's buildings, history and art.
Not only does Chicago revere Frank Lloyd Wright and many other architects and artists but there is beautiful stained glass by another of my favourites, Louis Comfort Tiffany.
The biggest Museum of Stained Glass in the world is here at Navy Pier, all free for the public to wander through in awe.
Photos can't do it justice but the colours and depth is the work of a true artist.
A genius in fact.
By the end of this day of walking, watching, learning and enjoying I knew just how this little fellow felt!
Just let me sit for a while and take it all in.


beebee said...

WOW your photos are amazing!
I have never been to Chicago. I didn't think it was this beautiful. thanks for sharing your pictures.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Can't help singing now Chicago ,Chicago....
My family was supposed to go there after the war but my Auntie did the paperwork and pUt down Australia instead of America!
Keep having fun!

Fiona said...

love how you have portrayed Chicago ... great doing this tour with you...

Maria said...

Beautiful..... And I love the Jack!,,

marina said...

I feel a little like that pooch too after catching up on your travels. You can start singing that 'I've been everywhere man... ' song.
love the travel tour pics

San-Dee said...

Sue, I just caught up on some of your posts and who cares if you can't take perfect little stitches when you take such beautiful photos? I've been to Chicago countless times to visit family and friends but have never seen it quite like this-fabulous! how awesome!

Anonymous said...
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Jay said...

I love your pictures of one of my favorite cities! Did you get out to the Field Museum, or the Aquarium out on Lake shore Drive? I love a child we would go stay with a cousin who lived in the suburbs, and we would take the commuter train in for the day...It has all changed a lot since then! Even better and more glad you got to see "the Bean"!