Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Get your kicks on.............

Route 66........
The reason we planned this tour of the US was to join Ricky Tims on his trip down Route 66.
All the weeks before and after were set around these two weeks with Ricky.
So here we go leaving Chicago.

Then it's off to our first stop, Springfield, Illinois, where Abraham Lncoln had lived.
We wandered through this quiet town, reading the signs about Lincoln,

admiring the statues of Lincoln,

And there were many...........

Touring the Lincoln Museum.

Visiting the Lincoln Tomb

And rubbing his lucky nose.........

The place was very popular as patriotic citizens flowed through.. Parents and grandparents teaching enthusiastic children about this much admired man.
The United States sure know how to create museums..........fabulous displays with artistic effects, interesting collections and a way to decribe past events that make you want to listen.
I've never had a mind for history and i don't even have much interest for the history of my own country but it was fascinating to see how the people from this country adore what has made them who they are.

We had time to wander the streets admiring the buildings

We closed the day with dinner in a quirky restaurant, guess what we ate?

A new day and new adventures......Cohekia Mounds. I'd never heard of these and if you want to know more ask Mr Google. Just let it be said that I sent my camera up all these steps with the bloke!

So that he could take this picture of me resting under a tree with all the others who were too infirm, arthritic, wheezy or lazy to climb Monk's Mound.
It's a great place from any level.

Next stop was a visit to the worlds biggest Catsup bottle...woohoo!
This is what the States are all about.

Then St Louis and the Gateway to the West.

630 feet tall with a magnificent view if you survive the claustrophobic four minute trip up in a rotating pod.............I was lucky enough to share my pod with 4 handsome men!

Stay out of the mighty Mississippi if it rains..........the water is ferocious!

So ends another day on Route 66. G'nite folks.


Gene Black said...

I suppose we really should have taken you to see the world's largest office chair while you were here.

Liz McMahon said...

Great photos Sue. Enjoy that road trip..

Fiona said...

wow, you fitted in lots... love the gateway pictures though I think I would have struggled going up... even with 4 handsome men!

marina said...

lovely following you on route 66,
you are brave going up in that lift.

beebee said...

Love keeping up with your adventures. thanks for all the photos.
Have fun and keep posting your adventures...
beebee and Francis

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

I do so admire Lincoln Sue...catching up here...wish I could hide in your suitcase! Enjoy your trip down Route 66 with Ricky ...what fun!!!! Woo hoo xo

Jay said...

I hadn't checked my blog for awhile and did not realize you are touring my home state! Although I now live in Texas, I grew up in happy that you are getting to experience such wonderful sites!! I lived very near Chahokia, Illinois. And visited Springfield many times...still I have friends there.