Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rolla, Branson, Joplin

Sew Many Places..........that's the name of the tour company taking us and Ricky Tims on our journey along Route 66.
The name says it all!
If you've heard of Sew Many Places before you will have heard of Jim West too.
He's the man behind it all and he works hard to make sure we are all happy.

The bloke thinks Jim is alright and wanted to buy him a little gift, something he could use in his business.
Something to help him deal with difficult customers.
It's a good thing we are all so cheery and easy going...........
Jim won't be making any extra money from us.............

The gang gathing at the bus in the morning.

Up in the Ozarks.

So many unexpected surprises.

Lunch at Jackie B Goode's Diner, the decor extends outside!

A little bit of shopping for Route 66 fabric

And not everybody found the recharge points on the bus!

Branson, has shows...........shows like Las Vegas without the sin and sauciness!

So we chose this one to go to with a couple of Aussies and a New Yorker.
It was a great night with music, laughter and fun.
The place has very exotic restrooms!

Next day was the chance to visit Joplin with an invitation by the local guild for afternoon tea.
Ricky repaid their kindness with a few songs and an entertaining talk. Great for us too.

Quilters all over the world know how to put on a spread.

A tune from Ricky was a treat to enjoy.

Then we drove through the path of the tornado that hit Joplin in May 2011.
162 people were killed during this dreadful event.
It was certainly sobering to see the photos and hear the stories from the quilters but to drive through the mile and a half wide band of treeless, devastated area left us speechless.
To see where houses had once stood, schools, churches, hospitals, playgrounds. Even the paving slabs were lifted and thrown by the tornado.
Gradually buildings are now being replaced.
The Cross in this photo was left standing when all around it was destroyed.
A message to have faith!
Maybe it is.

Oh yes, then another chance to shop.

Now we are on our way to Oklahoma City, this was announced by song as Ricky, Jim and anyone else on the bus who can sing did so!
I just tapped my foot..........


marina said...

looks like you are getting a great welcome wherever you are going. Very posh rest rooms. will you fit all your goodies in your luggage for the trip home?
Happy travelling

Gene Black said...

What fun! I am wishing I were on the trip with you! At least I get to follow along on your blog.

Shari said...

You are having the most amazing adventure! Thanks so much for taking us along!

Jay said...

What a great trip you are having!! Glad you chose to see the Presleys...they are one of the original shows in Branson when it was just a sleepy little Ozark town!

Jay said...

Well, I am back from reading all your trip blogs so far...and I must say, you are visually and verbally describing such a wonderful trip!! I have been to all the places you are visiting and it is so great to see them again through fresh eyes!! Makes me want to go again! What is next on your trip??