Thursday, 27 June 2013

Oklahoma. Oh what a beautiful morning.

Those of you who are following us on facebook know we're already a long way past Oklahome City.
At last I have a bit of blog time with good WiFi and we are not on a bouncy bus.
After breakfast we headed to the Cherokee Heritage Centre.

We walked through a wonderful display where could listen to the native Americans descibe the way their people lived and how they are still teaching their children the tribal ways.

The written language in the old classroon.

The "lacrosse" style game, basket weaving, making arrowheads, herbal medicines, tanning hides. This chap knew all the old ways and proudly talked about it all.

Then we had to leave this fascinating place to go to lunch.
A Barbeque lunch in the cutest wayside restaurant.
We do seem to spend a lot of time eating!

That night was at the historic Skirvin hotel.
The decor is very grand............ Maybe too grand for the likes of us.

After dinner at Zio's Italian Restaurant (more eating), on the trendy side of the city, a few of us went to play with murals. It was dark and late but the mural was several blocks long and we HAD to pose in every scene, laughing as we went.
Thanks Helen and Rafaelle for the great fun.

Who'd have thought Oklahoma City had such a great Saturday night vibe.
With so many ways to get around town........ people puttering along in boats or pedaling the bar. Horse drawn wagons for the romantic types and a tourist coach for us.

This trolley was fun, the faster people pedal the more beer they drink...........we all cheered as they went past.

Next Stop.....Amarillo, Texas.
Cadillacs, cowboys and fireworks.


Jay said...

Still loving to hear about your wonderful trip! Looking forward to the next blog!!

Diane-crewe said...

glad to hear there is plenty of eating as well as seeing xx lol x

Fiona said...

looks so much fun.... it's great to find out about other cultures too... I did love the mural picture..

beebee said...

it is so much fun to see the memories you are making!
I look forward to reading about your next adventure.