Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Crossing State lines

When you live in West Australia, you get used to being in one big state. Leaving is a big deal!
This chance to zoom from State to State will be fun.

The bloke took a RHS driving lesson from Francis, who did seem a little worried about our safety.
So far we are doing ok, it's my job to remind the bloke to stay right at every corner.
We kept away from the heavy traffic at first.
And found Ponchatoula. Lots of antique shops, fresh cherries to buy and so little traffic.
Perfect place to visit.
Ponchatoula............we loved meeting you.
You never know who you will meet when you get off the Interstate.
Mississippi to Alabama,
Where I seem to have a lean on my camera when snapping from a moving car!
Everything seems a bit skew-wiff!
Alabama........Our destination, where we found fellow blogger Gene Black.
Gene and I tested out the rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel.
It was great to meet this creative man and share a meal...........isn't the internet wonderful to introduce us.
Only a short stay in this state for us though and then back through a corner of Mississippi (which has the very best Visitors Centres) and on to Tennessee.
What's in Tennessee?
MUSIC.......enough for everyone.


Diane-crewe said...

driving seems OK to me xx

lmicke said...

Or is Joe cornering toooooo fast and you can't help but lean lol. That is the cutest little barn building. LOVE IT

Gene Black said...

Thanks for sharing time with me, Sue. Meeting you and the bloke was a joy. Did you eat all of that cornbread? ((grin))

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

That little shop looks like it could be here in Australia Sue...Happy travels!

Fiona said...

such a fun drive.... and it's great you are meeting some bloggers on the way too...

Wendy said...

I should have checked in earlier about your trip...I live about 30 minutes north of where you met Gene...glad to know you did get to stop in our great state...I am enjoying reading your posts about your trip...