Monday, 21 October 2013

Whoosh..........the sound of the past few weeks flying by.
School holidays and at some point I agreed to have two of the grandies here for the whole two weeks. This involved a few mornings of tears and tangles at first but we solved the problem with a visit to the hairdresser for Kasey.

She is a real girly girl and was just about purring as she sat up in the chair with a special "mermaid" cape on.

A new do and a new hairbrush and the mornings became happy times again.

With less time brushing knots out we could spend time making scarecrows for our local quilt show.

During the second week of the holidays the other three grandies arrived so we had plenty of help getting ready for the show, lots of house guests filling the place with laughs. Life is good.
Kasey's Mum didn't even growl at me for having her hair cut!

Today a friend spoiled me with a huge bag of thick skinned lemons............this only means one thing. LIMONCELLO.

I can hardly wait.


Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Kasey's haircut is fabulous. Two weeks of Grandies, good on you Sue.
Happy days.

Gene Black said...

Love Kasey's new cut.
Hmmm...I might have to try that limoncello.

Needled Mom said...

I love the new hairdo!!! Soooo cute and fewer tears as well is a win/win.

How do you make your lemoncello? Then ... what do you do with it? I once saw a cheesecake recipe using it and it sounded delicious.

Diane-crewe said...

its wonderful to have them to visit .. lovely when they go home xx

Fiona said...

sounds like they had a great time....

marina said...

beautiful new do! very swish.
mmmm lovely limoncello!

Liz McMahon said...

I need the Limoncello recipe...I fell in love with the one the Nuns made in Orvieto..