Monday, 26 May 2014

Snatching a little blog time, it's so hard to find much these days. Retirement certainly keeps you busy.
Had a few days near the city with my sister this week. Such a beautiful area near Ellenbrook, lots of Autumn trees, lawned areas and fountains.......this might be my next home. Need to convince the bloke that we need a smaller, more modern house with no mowing or woodchopping needed. My chances of that are excellent.
Popped in to wish our youngest grandie Angus a happy fifth birthday. If we miss the rural lifestyle we could always call in there.

My baby beans and peas are doing well. This is still great garden weather, night time rain and warm clear days.

Still some sewing happening but not for the past week, I really want to make more fish.

And time needs to be spent planning our next big trip.

May is cruise sale time apparently, so many choices, only a few months until departure and much fewer dollars if you fill the unsold cabins. Certainly tempting.


marina said...

lovely pics of your coming and goings.
lovely fish.
Another holiday in the pipeline?

Diane-crewe said...

sounds as if you are keeping busy in retirement .. since I finished I never seem to have time to breath!! lol x wonder if you will move? will be watching your space xx