Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Panic Stations

I am frantically trying to organise things. Only today and tomorrow before I head to the Quilt show in Perth followed by Scquilters retreat in York. This requires enough clean and tidy clothing for two days in the city, I've made dates with Lynn and Glynis to catch up while I'm there as well as booked my car in for a service. Then two days in chilly York to relax and sew. Winter clothing and warm sleeping bag will be needed there. I must remember to vote re: Daylight Saving on Saturday and I've made another date, this time with Glenda to catch up over the weekend. I'll be too close to her farm not to make the effort to see her.
Meanwhile I have cash and a shopping list from another friend in Dongara who wants some things from the Quilt show and I mustn't forget to find a birthday present for Dougal my 5yo neighbour. The boss at work is already complaining 'cos I'll be a way for 3 days and leaving him to answer the phone. Oh yes DDIL would like me to pick up her computer from the repairer in Perth too. I guess I'd better leave some meals for Joe to eat while I'm away or at least the makings of meals...
I have just finished 3 sets of 12 "Cobblestone" blocks for this months Scquilters swap and today I plan to finish the cot quilt I am making for my newest grandie, due next Wednesday.
I've spent all night thinking what to do for my partner in the Quilting Bloggers "Spring Blossom" mini quilt swap. I took a peek at her blog and she seems very artistic and creative. I think this means I should try to be creative in what I make for her. She lives overseas so I want to do something with West Australian wildflowers, they mean Spring to me and all around where I live in the Mid West Coast is covered in gorgeous paper daisies, also known as Everlastings, in Springtime. On the other hand I have a lovely little swatch book of Dupion silks in soft, subtle colours just waiting to be appliqued into sweet peas or roses. Oh the decision is so hard.

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