Friday, 7 September 2012

Filling in the days

I've been keeping myself busy in all sorts of ways.
A little visit to my daughter's place
We went to see "Annie".
It was a girl's only outing with my daughter, Tiff and granddaughter, Milly and her little friend, Isabelle.
What fun we had, enjoying the songs and the dancing.
Then a little grandie-sitting happened over the next few days. Angus is what you would call a "real boy", loud and boisterous, always full of action......I'm so glad he'd already aquired this huge bruise on his head and the accompanying black eyes before I was on duty!
It hasn't quietened him down though and he really made us laugh when he asked for a biscuit for
himself and took us a while to figure out he meant Isabelle. 

 I'm still stitching along with my Earth and Twig BoM.....
I have no idea what happened to the colour in this photo though!
It's much brighter in real life like all of Sue Spargo's designs.
Block 8 has now arrived and I need to catch up a little.

Another day saw me enjoying morning tea at Silverdale Olive Grove with friends.
It was a day to celebrate and sell Pelargoniums.......a favourite flower of my Mum's
(she used to nick cuttings from people's gardens on her way to church!)
I couldn't help but buy this happy little painting from the art show there.
Yes! It's my photography making it blurry!

I think a useful way to fill up my days might be to take a class in photography....
Not this coming week though, my bloke will be home tonight from his FIFO job
and its been 9 weeks since he last was here.

I wonder if he'll feel like doing a few chores?


Joanne Lendaro said...

He's so cute he needs two biscuits...

Needled Mom said...

Aww....two biscuits for the black eye!!!!

I would love to take a photography class and I could use the knowledge.

Anonymous said...

lovely painting Sue,and what a cutie.xx

Maria said...

Pleased you enjoyed your girly outing to see "Annie"
WOW!!! that is a nice bruise on Angus's head.....
I agree your colour is soooooo much nicer in real life in your Sue Spargo stitchery as is your lovely painting..

Fiona said...

Angus looks a real character... lovely stitching - one day I would love to do one of Sue spargo's....

Allie said...

Awww he's a cutie - and what boy doesn't have a few bumps and bruises most of the time, lol! Love your block, and your new art, I'd love to take photography classes too...enjoy having your bloke home, hon!